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We are a family owned and a Certified Woman Business Enterprise specializing in On-Site Fueling, Fleet Fueling, Residential Heating Oil and Gasoline since 1980!


  Samson Fuel is one of the biggest On-Site fuel providers in the Rochester area. We can design and tailor an On-Site Direct Fueling Program to directly fit your needs. Samson Fuel has set the standard for on-site fueling to farm equipment and tanks. No job is too big or too small. Our On-Site Fueling Services are available 24/7 so that when you arrive your equipment is fueled and ready to work. Samson Fuel is committed to providing you with the best of service and competitive price. Call us today to discuss your fueling needs!


We Offer:


  #2 Dyed Off Road Diesel

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

**Winter Blends Available Seasonally



∙Elimination of Non-Productive, Labor-Related Costs for Fueling Vehicles, Equipment & Tanks

∙Elimination of Hazards & Hassles of Maintaining & Monitoring Storage Tanks

∙Increased Productivity & Profitability for Your Business

∙Decreased Labor Costs & Administration Costs

∙Scheduled Deliveries Available 24/7

∙Highly Trained HAZMAT-Certified Drivers

∙Meter-Recorded Delivery of All Fuel Pumped to Each Vehicle

∙Fuel Management Reports On-Demand

∙Removes any need to go to


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